Hi there

It's Tania. 

I hope you're doing wonderfully and enjoying your crochet adventures. I'm popping into your inbox today with some fresh and exciting news.

My latest book, "Rose Garden Jacket," has just found its home on Amazon. It's not just any ordinary crochet pattern book—it's a whole experience packaged into a book!

What's in it for you?

1) The book guides you through creating your own Rose Garden Jacket with simple, easy-to-understand language.

2) With quick QR scans, you can jump straight to video tutorials. It's a boon if you like watching the process unfold.

3) Images throughout the book show how to add ribbing, fold your work, and piece everything together—it's like having a roadmap for your crochet journey.

4) Crochet journal - this is the fun part! There's a special section where you can jot down your thoughts, stick in a picture of your finished jacket, and even answer some questions that'll get you thinking about your crochet journey. It's like having a diary about making your jacket.

5) Taking time to write about your work helps you stay in the moment, feel more satisfied, and enjoy a sense of calm. That's the therapeutic magic of crochet!

What's more, this book makes a thoughtful gift for a craft-loving friend. It's more than a set of instructions—it's an invitation to embark on a joyful creative journey.


If you decide to dive into the "Rose Garden Jacket" adventure—or gift it to a friend—I would really appreciate if you could spare a moment to leave an honest review on Amazon once you've had a chance to use the book. 

Reviews can help other crocheters discover the book, and they mean the world to authors like me. Your feedback not only helps my work to stand out but also brings attention to the beautiful art of crochet.

Get the book on Amazon.com

P.S. If you are from other country than United States, search on Amazon - "Rose Garden Jacket book"